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Why Are Photo Booths The Best Party Favors?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Orange County - Strike The Pose Photo Booth

First Of All, What Are Party Favors?

Before trying to understand why photo booths make a great party favor we need to understand what party favors are. Party favors are small gifts given to guests as a toquen of appreciation for attending your events, most of the time these items are personalized with the celebration title or photo. These gifts come in different shapes and sizes for example we have edible treats such as cookies, chocolates, mints chips and more. Seasonal scores are also very popular, they can be sandals for beach events, blankets, and now (due to Covid) masks.

Custom Items; keychains, bottle openers, stickers and shirts are some custom items seen at events.

All of these items definitely make a statement during the first 5 minutes of the event, but what happens next?

As a professional in the event industry, for the past 5 years, I've seen the beginning and the end of many those items. Don't get me wrong, we all get excited with the details and I know your guest love them, however; if we are completely honest most of the time these items are left behind and end up in the trash, Yes I know, It's Sad! But you tell me, how long did it took you to eat the chocolates at that one wedding? or when was the last time you wore the face mask with your friends initials?

Don't Waste Your Money & Hire A Photo Booth

Party favors prices ranges from $3-$10 per item, which equal to $300-$1000 for an event of 100 guests. How much more can you get from a photo booth?

Photo booths are more than 5 minutes satisfaction, they are lifetime keepsakes. Not only they provide such fun time at your event, but allows your guests to make their own party favor how cool is that?

Take a look at our generation, we do everything digital now a days that when we get the chance to get a hard copy photo we treasure it. We put it on the car, the fridge, the office, the living room, or the room. That's why we love photo booths! Our pictures can last a life time, those are memories to keep forever.

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